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photos and musings of mister graves

Be flawless and without emotion. Forever.
They left Mao behind. (the portrait on the wall)
Not a red light district.

The Nothing.

(c) Mister Graves 2014

Sleeping on the job.

Shanghai, Western outskirts.

(c) Mister Graves 2014

Vast majority of buildings in the city’s outskirts are at no more than 25% capacity.  

Shanghai Night Shots

(c) Mister Graves 2014

Shanghai. By Day.

(c) Mister Graves 2014

Pines growing on a rock.
(c) Mister Graves 2014

Shanghai, Night Shots.

(c) Mister Graves

Heavy haze on the Huangpu River.

Shanghai, Photo Post #2